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David Kaye

David Kaye

David Kaye’s career is the stuff many young poker players dream of. Born in Haslett, Michigan, David first began playing the game just for fun, as many do. Growing up David was a big fan of basketball, and credits the sport with discovering the competitive drive that would allow his poker career to flourish later on in life.

His first memories of playing poker were playing with his high-school buddies after they all began watching the World Series of Poker (WSOP) on tv. He immediately became a poker fan and wanted to keep on playing after going off to college, so decided to begin playing poker online.

In 2016, David realized that he could begin making serious money from playing poker. He won a tournament at Firekeeper’s Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan, and it was around this time David went from becoming a profitable player on the side to taking the idea of playing poker as a career much more seriously. He began streaming on Twitch, rising through the ranks to become an online mid-stakes crusher and building himself a solid fanbase in the process.

One of the things David enjoys most about streaming is the community feel that comes with playing online. As much as simply enjoying playing the game itself, he loves being able to talk hands and share tips with other people in the community, as well as sharing his own poker journey and finding out how his fellow players got into the game. 

David’s stream has grown to become one of, if not the most, popular poker streams in the US regulated markets, and he shows no signs of slowing down on YouTube, Twitch, or the virtual felt. You can watch David on Twitch at and follow him on Twitter @DavidKayePoker.