Chest types: locked and unlocked Chests explained

The value of a Chest you've received is directly related to the promotion you signed up for. Generally speaking, we credit two types of Chests: unlocked and locked.

Unlocked Chests

You'll receive these Chests as a gift from us or after completing a task. You can open them straight away, or the Chest will automatically unlock on a specific date. To check your Chests' status, go to 'My Rewards' section and select 'Chests'. Here, you'll see either:

  • A green padlock assigned to your Chest, which means you can open it then and there.
  • A yellow hourglass assigned to your Chest, which means it will unlock on a specific date. You'll have to come back and open your Chest on the day you see underneath it.

Locked Chests

To open and use your locked Chest contents, you'll need to complete a specific task. When you receive a locked Chest, you'll always receive the requirements for unlocking it, too. We'll send you the details by email or pop-up notifications.

For example, you might need to complete a task or a deposit to unlock a Chest. Once you've done that, the Chest becomes available, and you can use it straight away.

If you're browsing our website and want to have a look at your Chests, select the button below:

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