Play Money hand histories

For server performance reasons, Play Money hand histories are not stored in our database.

You can get your Play Money hand histories by activating the Instant Hand History feature. To do so, go to a poker table and select from the top left corner menu:

Table → Instant Hand History

If you are using a Classic table theme, recent hand numbers will be shown in the same location instead.
For example:

  • Hand # 3408490149
  • Previous # 3409037196

A window will pop up and the hand histories will be displayed.

If you close our software, the hand histories will not be saved unless you have specified otherwise.

So, make sure to activate the option to save your hands (not available on PokerStars.NET - you will need to download the full-feature version if available in your region).

To save your hands, follow these steps in our desktop software:

  1. Open the Settings menu in the main lobby.
  2. Scroll to Playing History.
  3. Open Hand History.
  4. Activate Save My Hand History.
  5. Click on Apply Changes.


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