Cards mucked in hand histories

The accepted rules of poker state that when the last bet has been called, players must show their hands in order starting with the last raiser and proceeding to the last caller. All hands are to be shown.

It has become accepted practice for players whose hands can't beat the best hand to simply muck. However, a player who pays the last bet has "paid to see your cards".

In a live poker venue, any player may say to the dealer, "I want to see their cards" and if those cards paid the last bet, they must be shown. On our site, "I want to see those cards" is done in the form of requesting the hand history. Only the cards of the players who called the last bet will be revealed. If you fold facing a bet, your cards remain unknown to everyone. Hole card information is only revealed to players dealt into the game.

Therefore, the presence of mucked hole cards in showdowns is in accordance with the accepted rules of poker.


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